January 6th: I Offer Self Tape Services

I’m thankful today for I woke up with an idea! I have a backdrop for photos and I have professional lights, why not offer other actors the service of helping them self tape for a little cash? So I went ahead and posted on Craigslist and I’m very happy about it.

I’ve done a million self tapes, for me, for friends, I’ve taken so many classes and I have equipment and this makes me feel like I’m doing something good for actors like me! …Of course I got to charge $ because I’m using my time and things but, the experience per se is exciting and I believe my prices are unlike others in the city.

One of the things I love the most is memorizing lines and feeling like I can nail them and I’ve gotten to do that quite a bit. I might not be right for every role, for every network or group but I know I feel good about my acting rn. I’m thankful for that and I love when people nail it. I love talent and dedication

On an excuse-souding-but-it’s-not-an-excuse note: If I haven’t been consistent on my blog… at least I’ve been pretty consistent about doing my Mind Power exercises. What is that you ask? It’s John Kehoe’s tapes about his mind power techniques. Sounds new agey? IT IS NOT! Which is one of the things I love the most about it. It’s all about controlling your mind and being aware of your thoughts and habits. It’s not positive thinking or magic – it’s literally about how we live in a world of thoughts and actions but every action had a thought before it. There are no actions that haven’t been thought of before… hence, thoughts are real forces, they create action. If we know where our mind goes we can change what we do outside of it. To me this is very logical stuff but he offers an almost academic approach to practicing mind powers. It’s basically like an Instagram Squat Challenge but… with your mind. AND I’VE BEEN VERY CONSISTENT! And consistency IS THE KEY.

This is my Craigslist post where I had a friend pose and pretend like she’s acting so I could show how good my little studio looks