December 31st/January 1st (part II)



We woke up with the idea of going to Huntington Gardens. He’d been, I hadn’t. First we walked his dog and sign up on a list for the brunch place. We were far down. Dropped his dog off and got my car. We decided to go check another place and see if it was open, it’s cheaper too. It was closed. On the way back to the brunch spot we wondered if we’d gotten skipped but it all happened with a cosmic coincidence of a movie. We found a parking spot that was the closest possible to the restaurant and was  exactly the size of my Smart car, as we walked to the restaurant we see the hostess come outside, hold the list and loudly announce our name. PERFECT! Thank you for perfection.

Brunch was delicious, I suggested a popular-in-Latin-America-dessert, Tres Leches, and BF orderer right up top, I had a feeling that if he likes Horchata Latte so much he was going to  definitely love this one. Basically, I was a perfect Netflix in terms of suggesting because he tasted it and his face changed into the face of someone who’s head was split right open. In fact, those were his words -This dessert split my head right open- YES! He’s also been feeling a song I showed him and a podcast I showed him. Him liking things I show him makes me feel cool. I like his things he shows me. It’s cool. I know It’s kinda lame to want to be cool but I love being cool, a cool girl, coincidentally, the song he’s feeling is called “I”m A Cool Girl” by Tove Lo. I became infatuated with it through a music podcast I listen to. We headed to the gardens after laughing at HOLLYWEED, thank you, vandals!

We parked by the entrance, my tiny car is a blessing. And we micro-dosed on acid. First time I’ve done it and I was nervous but it was SO GOOD, a micro dose is the perfect thing to do as an intro to a drug. I did it with mushrooms too and I felt just right. So the trip was more like a relaxed state than a psychedelic 70’s stereotype or whatever. Like, normally, I’d be stressed about the amount of people but instead I was just chill and focused on enjoying nature. The weather was perfect, very wet and cold and grey, all made us feel like we were not in LA but in some place of a little more substance. Also, forgive me everyone, but the sunny LA is not my jam. Every day? Every single day just plain sunny? Nah. Give me the range, the rainbow, the variety! Well… we got it! It was like cloud forrest weather, where strawberries grow weather, Netherlands weather. So, so, so nice. The grey makes the flowers stand out so preciously. If I had to describe the first day of this year it would be: I spent it inside the most beautiful painting with someone I really, really, really, like.


After a perfect park day, Japanese gardens, the Rain Forrest, Cloud Forrest, the little kids museum part, kids garden, etc we left to walk his dog, do groceries, pet my cat, eat, drink with friends. The drink with friends was perfect, everything was perfect about this day. We took amazing photos, made jokes, talked about the party, complimented each other, had fun, played with each other’s pets, I watched Supergirl, which is my favorite soap. I’m so thankful this is how I started this year. I am so, so, so, so, so thankful to be able to come back to this post and feel good just remembering things.

Happy 2017!



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